Professional Dog Walking in Worthing,

Findon and Goring by Sea

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Dog Walking  Services

The process:

When I receive an enquiry from you I will arrange to meet you and your dog for a walk. This is important because it will give me an idea of where your dog would fit in terms of the different groups that I walk. It is also an opportunity for your dog to see the van and to ‘try it for size’.


If this goes well and we’d like to move forward I’ll then visit your home. I will show you my insurance certificate, my first aid certificate and can answer any outstanding questions. I’ll also leave you with a Registration Form to fill in. It’s important also that I receive a copy of an up to date Vaccination Card for my records.


I can be in touch with you throughout my dog walks using What’sApp. You can then rest assured that you know where your dog is, what time they are out and how they are doing within the group.

I can be in touch with you throughout my dog walks using What’sApp.


Monday to Fridays



I offer group walks of 1 hour duration in Worthing and Findon. The average size of a group is 4. On occasion that number may go up to 6 however this is the exception rather than the rule.


1 hour (one dog) £11

1 hour (two dogs same household) £20




If you'd like me to take care of your dog for more hours and have more exercise to boot I offer a 'Mega walk' service. In this instance I pick up your dog en route to the first walk of the day and return him/ her after the second one. This means that your dog will typically be out of the house for 4 to 5 hours.


2 hour long walks (one dog) £20

2 hour long walks (two dogs from same household) £37.50





From time to time I'm able to offer one to one lead walking to the individual dog.


30 minutes (one dog) £11